Donate to the Farm

Financial donations as well as in-kind donations are always appreciated! Donations are used to maintain, revitalize, and enhance the garden each year.  Please consider giving!

Items we are in need of are: 

Before bringing plants/seedlings to the garden, please check with us first.  We have many outstanding seed starters that donate to us and our plot members already, and don't want your seedlings to go to waste.  To get in touch, please email: 

(585) 204-0094

P.O. Box 10654 Rochester 14610

Please do not drop off plastic plant containers.  We do not have a way to recycle  or upcycle these. The Monroe County Cornell Cooperative Extension will take these containers if they don't have specific nursery branding on them.  Please contact them at the following phone number:  (585) 753-2550