Plot Member Resources

🌱🌱Plot Member Handbook 🌱🌱

Key Dates:

May 1st - Payments are due by this date. Please reach out to Karen Soanes, Plot Coordinator,  if this will be difficult. You may send an email to: 

June 1st: prepping/planting must start by this date. We will reach out to you if it seems like you haven't started working in your plot.

June 15th: Plots that have not been planted by this date will be passed to the next person on the waitlist.

November 12th: Final date to clear out your plot for the season and prep for winter.

Plot Abandonment/Negligence:

A plot abandonment policy helps make sure all plots are being well utilized and we are able to meet community demand for plots. It also ensures that plot members are accountable for taking care of their plots throughout the season, including clean-up at the end.

During the growing season, the team will periodically check on plots to make sure plot members are utilizing their plot and keeping the area around it clear. Plots severely neglected or abandoned will be given to the next person on the wait list.

End-of-Season Clean-up:

To best prepare the farm for winter, plot members are required to clean out their beds before November 12th. This includes removing dead plants. You can cover your soil with leaves, mulch, or cover crop to protect the soil. You are also allowed to keep perennials and overwinter plants in your bed.


Planting Tips

Guideline and Policies: